Top 10 Mistakes Made by Linux Resellers – Part 1

mistakes to avoidLinux reseller hosting is one of the cheapest way to start your own web hosting business and you can avail recurring income. You don’t have to pay for infrastructure and staff for maintaining it as the web hosting company manage and monitor servers on your behalf. All you have to do is to make an aggressive marketing strategy for making your business a success. But with all this ease, resellers fail to gain that profit they deserve because they make mistakes. In this post, we will discuss commonly made mistakes by the Linux hosting resellers:

1. Unprofessional or Incomplete Website

This is a common mistake made by most of the resellers. Your website is the vital factor to your online presence and it should portray a professional look. Their websites have number of errors like unprofessional designs, misspell words, broken links and other problems which minimize your chances of convincing your clients to sign up for your packages. Other than professional design, your website should be easy to navigate and clearly shows what you are selling. As you have done a market research before purchasing a Linux reseller hosting plans, likewise your customers want to know about you and features you offer to them before purchasing.

2. Placing Ads on the Website

It will scare off your potential customers so avoid this mistake. You can use ads for making money if you are offering free web hosting but if you place ads on a paid web hosting plans, it will raise doubts in your visitors mind.

3. No Research Before Purchasing a Linux Reseller Hosting Plan

This is also a one of the commonly made mistake as they don’t research before signing up. If you want to establish a reliable hosting reseller business, it is essential your hosting company should be reliable as well. You have to do a market research and then decide which company suits your needs best. Your wrong decision will waste your time and money.

4. Investing Large Amount At Start

Lack of financial planning leads resellers to spend too much money on the features which they don’t need at beginning. It is better to spend money on advertising and marketing your business. You need to avoid purchasing a dedicated server or high-end reseller plan in start so, get a small plan and expand it in future when you need it. Also, you should perform majority of tasks yourself when starting your reseller business to save money.

5. Not Starting with a Company Number

You need to start your windows or linux reseller hosting business with a company number for your prospective clients. You should have a dedicated phone line for your company so you can convince your clients and it will also help in building their trust. Also clearly mention on your site what hours phone service is available and have it set to go to voicemail in the off hours.

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]All these mistakes are easily avoidable so don’t start your reseller business with them. Like every business, reseller hosting business needs thorough planning and research. You can make your business a success with HostBreak Linux reseller hosting plans. Our basic plan comes with unlimited website hosting, unlimited databases and email accounts, 99.99% uptime guarantee and much more. Stay tuned for the next and final part of Top 10 Mistakes Made by Linux Resellers![/box]