Top 10 Mistakes Made by Linux Resellers – Part 2


Nowadays you can find many online business ideas but nothing can be as much easy as doing business with Linux reseller hosting. You can start with minimal investment as you don’t have to maintain infrastructure and staff. Just sign up for a Linux reseller hosting package and you are ready for earning profits. But with this simplicity, beginners can do mistakes. In the previous post “Top 10 Mistakes Made by Linux Resellers – Part 1”, we have discussed few common mistakes made by novice resellers. Here are some more mistakes to avoid:

6. Not Signing Up For Free Hosting Directories

You have to make yourself visible to your customers so they can easily find your services. You can do this by signing up for every free hosting directory you can find online as this is one of the easiest and cheap way for approaching your customers.

7. Not Maintaining Forums

This mistake is made by lots of web hosting companies by adding support or sales forums which are not regularly updated. Inactive forums put a negative impact on your potential customers. You have to post on these forums on daily basis and locked them so only your clients can view them and post comments.

8. Competing With Large And Established Companies

Large web hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space but you cannot compete with them in these plans. You have to select a market niche for your web hosting services and offer mid level plans with specific scripts. As your targeted people may not want unlimited resources instead they might be interested in specialized web hosting and good quality of services.

9. Not Doing Research

For a non-technical person, reselling business can be a bit complicated so it’s essential to learn about the basics. You can find many online forums which offer plenty of web hosting information. You can ask questions there and forum members will answer your queries. Also use google as it has tons of information on every topic.

10. Giving Up

No matter how many difficulties you face, never give up. You have to be patient for taking full benefits of Linux reseller hosting. Making profit can be slow especially when you have small budget for advertising. There might be some problems initially but in the long run they will be resolved and you will be all set for getting profits.

All these problems can be minimized if you choose high quality Linux reseller hosting plan from the right web hosting company. You can rely on Linux reseller hosting from HostBreak for making your business a success. We offer complete solution for reseller hosting and you can contact our support anytime for any queries.