.UK registrations now available up to 10 years!

You can now purchase or renew a .UK domain for up to 10 years and save up to 40%*!

From today all .UK domain registrations and renewals are no longer restricted to a 2 year period, they are now available for up to 10 years!

PLUS the longer the registration or renewal period, the bigger discount – for example, you can save up to 40% when you renew a .UK domain for over 2 years.

Get your .UK domain today

Benefits of renewing for longer

  • Great savings
  • Take the hassle out of renewals
  • Keep your email, website content, search engine ranking, customers and revenue

.UK is Britain’s Favourite

Preference for .uk domains remains strong in Britain, with 81% of those surveyed in 2011, saying they prefer .uk sites when given the choice of a .uk or .com in search results

So make sure you make the most of the multi-year registrations and get your .UK domain for longer.

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