VPS Hosting – The Best & Affordable Online Business Package

Web hosting is a very vast field and has a lot of branches and bifurcations. Web hosting companies are at their peak because of the increase in the demand of web hosting services. Now every small or big budget website wants their own website for the promotion and marketing of its products and business. Previously web hosting has only a limited option for the online business websites but because of high demand, now website hosting industry is expanding day by day. The different types of the web hosting are available in the market according to the requirement and budget of the client.

Here we are discussing about the Virtual Private Hosting or VPS hosting. Basically VPS hosting fills up the large gap between the standard shared server hosting and expensive dedicated server hosting. VPS gives you a shared server’s hardware without sharing the software. It means that you have the complete control over the server but you have to share the CPU, RAM and bandwidth with the other websites. You have unlimited CPU, disk space and memory for unlimited installation but the bandwidth and space is being shared. VPS is really an outcome of the new technology. It is more affordable then the dedicated servers as they are very expensive and cannot be afforded by small budget websites. Because of this VPS is considered as the most suitable option in dedicated server hosting. VPS also gives you the full control over the server with unlimited resources which is a perfect choice for medium and large websites. VPS is actually a virtual machine which posses its own independent operating system. You can shut down, boot or reboot the machine easily without affecting the other machine hosted on the same VPS.

VPS Hosting v/s Shared & Dedicated Server Hosting

VPS has a lot of advantages as it is quite cheaper than a dedicated server but it gives you more benefits then a shared server as it is a readily upgrade solution. You can modify the VPS plans according to your requirement. So you will pay for what you want and will not pay for the extra features which are not required by you. VPS offers full access and control over the server. You cab easily install all the operating system like WordPress , Joomla, custom application and different scripts to run your website. All these benefits are not provided in the shared hosting.

VPS hosting

VPS is quite safe and secure as compare to the shared server. In shared server web hosting there is a strong risk of security because of the other sharing websites. If one of the website is hacked then it will be a serious problem for the other websites too. VPS gives you safe option to protect your website from such threats and allows you to hammer test your code and constitute custom rules to filter the web traffic. In fact in VPS you can also load the testing tools to verify your websites before running them online. These testing tools are blocked in shared server hosting because they are pretty heavy.

In the conclusion, we can say that VPS is the best choice for those who don’t want to get the shared server but cannot afford the dedicated server.

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