VPS Hosting – The Most Economical Option for Online Business

Web hosting servers, this is not a new term for everybody. The advent of World Wide Web introduces web hosting companies and web hosting companies give birth to the concept of servers. Server is basically a locker where websites store there data and information. Server acts as a backbone for the web hosting world and websites. Each and every website needs a server to run, whether it is a small website or a big budget website. Server provides full support and assistance to the websites to run and offer unlimited resources. But there are a number of servers are available with specific specifications. The websites select the type of sever according to their need and budget.

Importance of VPS Hosting in Web Business

Virtual private server is one most unique server type. We describe VPS as the server which gives the complete authority to the websites on the server as the dedicated server offers. But the websites have to shares the CPU, RAM and bandwidth other users. We can easily understand the VPS working strategy by comparing it with the apartment analogy. The VPS is just like an apartment suite. You can renovate your apartment, decorate it as you want. The apartment is completely owned by you. But you will not be the owner of the whole building. The same strategy is being applied for VPS. You can install any software you like or can restart the server without affecting the other existing websites but you have to share some of the resources with the others too. VPS gives you an excellent option to get all the control over the server with maximum benefits and resources at very low and reasonable cost.

In shared server hosting, the websites have to share the server with the other websites. All the resources of the server are being divided among all the sharing websites. You have only a limited amount of space and bandwidth. But VPS offers you the full proof control over the server without any sharing. You can enjoy the dedicated server benefits on VPS at low cost. VPS offers limitless disk space, memory and CPU. If unfortunately, the server gets don in shared server hosting, then all the websites on that server also get down. But in VPS, if the sever gets down then only the problematic websites would go down. The remaining websites will work normally without any hurdle. Similarly in shared server hosting the websites which are getting high traffic will hog off all the resources causing other existing websites to be unreachable. But in VPS every website should get the resources which are allocated to them. VPS bridges the gap between the shared server and dedicated server hosting. VPS gives you the independency and flexibility of the dedicated server in the price of shared server hosting.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting is considered to be the most economical and beneficial server hosting in the web hosting industry. VPS offers you an independent operating system. It means that you have all the server application such as Apache, PHP, MySQL etc and you can modify them anytime according to your need. You also have unlimited RAM in VPS which is totally owned by you and you can use it whenever you want it just like in dedicated server hosting.

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