Web Hosting Introduction

Hosting web pages of website(s) and tools and technologies involved in management of these websites is called web hosting. A website is a combination of web pages can be browsed using packages. You select one of the package that suits you and pay for it.

Once web hosting is secured, you will need to get your website online. The process of making a website online is not too much complicated. First of all, you choose a domain name. You can consult with your friendsweb hosting in pakistan, colleagues about the name of the domain. For example, yahoo.com is a domain name but what does yahoo mean? You Always Have Other Options or something like a joy. Why yahoo is popular because it is easy to spell and remember and letters involved in the domain are only five. So, you must be clear about your objectives and how people will remember you on the Internet. After choosing a domain name, you register it with some hosting company. Once you register a domain name, you must have to buy some disk space. This disk space must be available on a computer server which is live all the time. What hosting companies do, they buy servers and allocate unique IPs to them. Once IP is assigned to a server, it becomes a web host. So, you buy a space for your website on a web hosting provider. Web Hosting company sends you FTP information to upload the website to their server.

A website you are going to host is a combination of web pages. How a user gets web page information? User types in an address. Browser sends a query to the web server, the computer where web page is stored. Web server sends information back to browser in the form of HTML. Browser hides HTML and shows the content inside HTML. If database is involved then the web server queries to the database server and embeds the database records in the HTML and sends the information back to the browser.

There are many tools and technologies involved in web hosting. The most important is wev hosting control panel. When you buy a web hosting package, they send you an email containing the URLs of FTP, Mail and control panel. This is the place where you manage all of your web hosting stuff. Control panel is an interface. You can manage your domains, mails, manage your databases, and install scripts and other hosting information. The most popular hosting control panels are Cpanel and Plesk. Cpanel is used for Linux and Plesk is used for Windows.

So, making a website live is a step by step process. Following are the steps: –

  1. You choose a domain name
  2. You register your domain name
  3. You buy web hosting from some company
  4. Web Hosting company sends you FTP information
  5. You build the website
  6. You upload the website to the live web server using FTP
  7. You browse your website using web browser

Congratulations! You are online. Thanks to Web Hosting providers.

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