Web Hosting – The Way Forward

There are two options to host your website. One is to buy your own hardware and software and deploy the website. The second one is to use a web hosting service provider. The first option is quite expensive and technical in nature. You have to buy hardware (server), software and licenses. Apart from that, you need technical assistance to manage web server. You have to fix bugs, viruses, DDOS attacks etc. So, it is quite expensive if you choose the first option.

The second option is to choose some Web Hosting Service Provider so, you rent a server from them. There are many advantages of buying web hosting service. First advantage is the connection speed. A web hosting company’s servers are connected with high bandwidth lines and so overall speed of the response is very fast and reliable. There is no delay. The second advantage you have is that they have powerful and reliable hardware. This hardware is capable of hosting many websites at a time. They have proper load balancing and backup servers. Third advantage is that your website will be secure and live all the time, commonly called 99.99% uptime.

There are many things to consider when you choose a web hosting service provider. The first and foremost is the connection of the provider with tweb hosting pakistanhe customers called online support. Your web host should be able to provide 24×7 live support. The second thing to consider is whether your service provider takes daily backup of the sites or not. Computer is a machine and can malfunction any time. A good web host must be able to reproduce the data. A web hosting company should not charge more for high traffic volume if your website is busy all the time. There should not be any bandwidth restriction. You may upload any content videos, files, sounds etc. Moreover, a web hosting service provider must provide email service. Emails are essentials when you go online. Customers contact you via email. The server must be configured with proper extensions and modules. Check whether your web host provides database support. You may start a website as static content in it but as the time passes and customers contact you, you need to save data in database so your web host must provide database support.

Types of web hosting

There are three ways a web hosting service provider can help you. One is shared server where many websites are shared on a single server. It is low cost but not an option for large busy sites. Second option is to use dedicated server hosting where the server holds only your website. It is the best way to do the business via website but expensive. The third option is use co-location. You place your own server in web hosting provider premises and use the technical infrastructure.

Is there any disadvantage of using a web host?

First is that you need to trust a web hosting service provider that they will provide reliability and security to your website. Website performance may be low if you use a shared server. If a server or IP address becomes blacklisted due to illegal use of websites, you may waste your time to move your website to some other web host.

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