Many people expect that they can run the website and can maintain it without the need of a webmaster. If you think in the same way then you are doing a big mistake. Owning a website needs that you keep it maintained all the time. Here we share some of the features and website maintenance tips which no web hosting company in Pakistan is going to provide you other then Hostbreak.

Change of password

You can maintain the site by having passwords of varieties. Keep in mind that while choosing the web hosting company like Hostbreak, you are provided with a temporary password. It should not be kept the same months after months. You should instead change the password to avoid being in the hands of suspicious individuals.

Update of the site

The site or blog, no matter how hard the task you are undertaking, needs regular update. There is always an implicit maxim that the information and content you have published remains updated. This way your readers will show more and more interest. In case you don’t update regularly, you cannot enjoy all the benefits as you might have expected.


When you are in no need of the site, cancel it by contacting the web hosting company immediately. If you don’t do so, then there are chances that this will be hacked, causing problems for other internet users.


If you are using a cms for your site such as WordPress or Joomla, you must check for patches on regular basis. Perform this task once or twice a week. If you sign-up for HostBreak’s web hosting package then you don’t need to worry about this task as we regularly check for updates.

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