What is VPS/Virtual Server Hosting?

Virtual private server or commonly known as VPS hosting is a modern hosting technique that uses virtualization technology to segregate hosted clients. Although the websites are hosted on single physical machine, the VPS technology allows each website to funtion fully independent without effecting other websites hosted on physical machine. Consider as if each website is hosted on its very own physical machine.

How VPS works?vps2

Imagine an apartment analogy. Eac VPS, or “container”, on the physical machine is like apratment in a buildiong complex. The building is single large infrastructure and each apartment is separate independent entity. Similiarly, you divide single big machine into apartments called containers or VPS. You may install any software that you like on your VPS or shutdown/restart without effecting other containers/VPS on the machine, muhc like how you can renovate/amend your apartment without effecting other apartments.

On shared web hosting server, a bad website might the entire web server to go down, causing all other “innocent” website on that server to go down as well with it. This could not happen on a VPS server because only problematic VPS goes down, but other VPS servers remain uneffected.

Similarly, some high traffic sites in shared web hosting scenario may cosume all of the server resources leaving little resources for other websites on the same server or rendering them unreachable. This could not happen on a VPS since high traff website will hog its own VPS resources only.

Why use VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is excellent as it slips nicely in between shared web hosting and dedicated servers. VPS gives you the flexibility and independence of a dedicated server, but at a price of a higher end shared web hosting service.

For those whose websites have outgrown their shared hosting or need freedom of software/setup choice but cannot afford a dedicated server the VPS Server Hosting may be the best solution.

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