When and why should you get managed web hosting?

In reality, web hosting is the force running your website. Either you can buy a hosting service and manage it yourself or avail managed web hosting services for powering your website. A hosting company offers plenty of options like dedicated, shared, VPS and cloud hosting. If you are still confused or see no reason to choose managed web hosting, in this post we will help you to find out whether you really need it or not. When you don’t have enough time, knowledge or IT staff in-house, then you should go for it. There are number of benefits, when you are getting managed services. It cuts down energy, time and resources needed for running a website. This will eventually improve performance of your website as you are more focused on website development instead of maintenance.hosting_image

Factors That Decide You Need Managed Web Hosting

  1. You should opt for managed web hosting if you have limited IT knowledge. Websites which are extremely popular and get ever-increasing traffic, choose for this service as it can easily handle traffic and one can scale resources anytime. You will get everything you need with hosting package.
  2. If you don’t have enough time for managing your server, then you should go for managed web hosting. You need dedicated IT staff for looking after the server, which is not possible if you have limited resources. Even if you IT staff, they have other tasks to do as well and cannot devote time needed for this task.

Benefits of Managed Web Hosting

Managed web hosting has number of benefits:

  1. Web hosting providers have experts which have technical knowledge and they do 24/7 monitoring of their servers. That level of care is not possible when you are maintaining your servers.
  2. Web hosting companies take burden off from your shoulders. In case, any problem occurs with your website, they detect the issue and resolve it as soon as possible. That considerably reduce downtime of your website.
  3. Logically, this also saves your time. You can focus on your business and more important tasks rather than troubleshooting the problem.
  4. Managed web hosting saves your energy.
  5. It also saves you from having headache, depression and anxiety. Issues with website are capable of giving you all of these but when you take managed web hosting this stress is shifted towards web hosting company.
  6. You also save resources as managed web hosting nowadays is cost-efficient as compare to self-maintained servers.
  7. Most of these companies regularly update their server software so you can rest assure your website is secure against all kinds of threats.
  8. A good web hosting has beneficial effects on SEO. That benefit will surprise you but it is true. There are number of factors related to web hosting which contribute in boosting your website ranking. Loading speed of your web pages and how long your website is accessible by the users have positive impact on SEO. Also good web hosting providers also offer SEO tools with their hosting packages.
  9. All of these benefits ultimately, improve performance of your website.

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