Why a Writer Should Have a Website? Part 1

Whether you are a novelist, a freelance writer, a non-fiction writer or a new writer without any specific field, all writers need a website and there is no other option. There are two types of websites writer can opt from: static website and dynamic website.

Static Website: A static website is not frequently updated and it doesn’t have a blog. This type can be used for ecommerce or writers. It offers basic information about the business or the individual.content writter

Dynamic Website: A dynamic website has a blog which is frequently updated. The frequency of these updates varies depending on the nature of the website. That’s make it different from a static website.

Regardless of the type of the website, either you need a professional website developer or choose a Content Management System (CMS) for building it. CMS makes easy for even a non-technical guy to build a website in matter of minutes.

CMS Hosting: There are number of CMS available in market for building a website. However, WordPress hosting is perfect for writers as this CMS offer unlimited benefits which are not offered by any other CMS. Maintaining a blog and website with WordPress hosting is simple and easy. Moreover, you will get unlimited free extensions and themes to build your dream website.

Now, you will think all of this information sounds good but I need some solid reasons for starting a website. There are many reasons you should have a website when you are a writer. Here are few of them:

1. Provides an Online Professional Presence

In these days, whatever you are selling you need an online professional presence to reach maximum audience. When you are writing something, your publishers and clients want to know about the book or novel, they can get this information from your website. Furthermore, a website helps you in standing out from the crowd and shows that you know about the latest technology.

2. Readers and Clients Know About Your Services

Maintaining a presence on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn does not provide you that authority which is offered by a website. You can use it as a marketing tool. If you were a writer 15 years ago, you could survived without a website but now it’s not possible. Reader want to know about your books and what you offer, a website gives them all the information about you.

3. Essential for Marketing Success

In this modern era of writing, agents and publishers expect you to do your own marketing so you have to promote yourself online. Even you are self-publishing your next book, marketing becomes even more critical. And without website you cannot do this task.

4. Helpful in Email Marketing

Whether you are a new writer or a seasoned one, when you are writing a new book you need your readers to know about it. Also potential readers want to know more about your upcoming book. Here, an email list comes handy as you can send them a free sample chapter or other material for engaging their attention.

Hopefully, you will be convinced with these reasons. Even, if you are not convinced yet, in the next post “Why a Writer Should Have a Website? Part 2“, we will discus few more reasons so you can decide with a clear mind. If you are searching for best WordPress hosting at an affordable cost for your blog or website, then HostBreak offers what you are looking for. Check our website for plans and features of WordPress Hosting.