Why a Writer Should Have a Website? Part 2

In our previous post “Why a Writer Should Have a Website? Part 1“, we have discussed some reasons which makes it essential for a writer to own a website.It offers information to potential readers, clients and publishers about the writer and his services. Furthermore, it acts as a marketing tool for writer. We also discussed different types of website which a writer can opt from and talked about the best CMS i.e. WordPress which can be used for creating a website with some basic HTML knowledge. Considering the needs of a writer, HostBreak Web Technologies is offering most affordable WordPress hosting in Pakistan with number of additional features like one-click setup, optimized hardware and bulletproof security. In this post, we will discuss few more reasons for owning a website for clearing your mind that why you should have a website.


5. Showcases Your Best Work

For new freelance writers, showcasing their work is really important. When you are updating your blog regularly, that serves as evidence of your writing expertise. Even if you are not very regular in updates, few blogs are enough for showing your experience. You can also upload your resume or portfolio on your website.

6. Updating Your Blog Helps in Writing

When you are not working on any new assignment, updating a blog keeps your writing-mind working. This can be used to improve your writing style or tone for the next novel or book and you will have a regular writing schedule. A new writer can improve his writings, develops his confidence and he can get feedback from his family, friends and online reader through a blog. You can also get idea about what to write next. Whatever you love to write, you can go for it.

7. Develops Confidence and Network

Regardless of what type of writer you are, you have to meet people. You need to stay up-to-date about other writers and their work. If you are shy and afraid of face-to-face contacts, maintaining a website and blog gives you an opportunity to interact with people which is necessary for being successful as a writer and building confidence.

8. An Additional Source of Income

When you are working on your novel or as a freelance writer, you should have an additional source of income and website can provide you that. You can also offer coaching or courses to new writers through your website.

9. Event and Sales Announcements

You can use your website and blog for selling your books, announcing tours and book events and advertising special sales and fundraisers.

10. Improves Search Rankings

As a freelance writer when you have a regularly updated blog, it gives you a better chance for gaining higher search ranking. But mere updates are not a deciding factor, there are multiple complex factors like search engine optimization which are helpful in this regard.

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