Why Do You Need to Upgrade to Dedicated Hosting?

You might be using shared hosting, VPS or cloud hosting but as your website and it’s needs grow you need to think for opting a dedicated server. In dedicated hosting, an entire physical server with all its resources is used by single customer. This is the most suitable way for improving speed and performance of your website. Dedicated server is a costly type of web hosting so large enterprises or big ecommerce stores are able to afford the price. This gives them an opportunity to enjoy benefits associated with dedicated hosting which shared hosting is unable to offer. There are few factors which indicate that now you should go for dedicated server hosting. Following are these factors:

  • Slow loading speed
  • Database sending error messages due to high volume
  • Overall poor performance of websitededicated-server

You need to regularly monitor your website traffic as it will also help you in deciding whether you need dedicated server hosting or not. Analyse performance of your website during heavy traffic hours so you get to know difficulties faced by your customers. Following are different types of dedicated hosting services offered by HostBreak Web Technologies:

Fully Managed Services

  • We update software and security patches on your behalf
  • We provide complete assistance for all hosting issues

Semi-managed Services

  • You get intermediate management
  • You need to hire professionals for server maintenance
  • We provide services which are mutually agreed upon

Managed Services

  • You do not have complete control
  • Only we are allowed to make server modification

Self-managed Hosting

  • You have complete server control
  • We provide you customer support

Unmanaged Services

  • Your staff fully maintains the server
  • We do not provide any support so you need to tackle all the server issues

Benefits of Dedicated Server

Whatever type of service you choose, dedicated server hosting provides you number of benefits including:

  • Enhances reliability and performance of your website
  • You have complete control over all features of your website
  • You can install wide range of software
  • Fast loading speed for heavy apps
  • Large storage space
  • Handles heavy traffic efficiently
  • Flexibility to add more bandwidth and storage space

Dedicated server should be chosen when you are experiencing above mentioned problems. You can get dedicated server from HostBreak in either Windows or Linux operating system. For choosing a dedicated server plan check our website.

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