Why gaming websites should go for dedicated server hosting?

Gaming world has been totally changed after the arrival of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. Now, players prefer to play online instead of using DVD’s and playstations. Online gaming websites, blogs and chat rooms are catering millions of customers globally. With this level of traffic, shared hosting is not a good solution for online gaming websites. Although, VPS and cloud are feasible options but they cannot perform well as dedicated servers can. Dedicated server hosting should be the first choice of gaming websites as it provides lower latency, high performance, up-time, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 secure monitoring and support.

Players Experience Lower Latency
Latency is the time taken by the host server to receive and process a request for web page so it is an essentidedicated_hosting_serviceal element to play online games. Higher latency rate means your players don’t have enough time to defend themselves and die quickly. Dedicated servers provide lower latency rate so your game will upload quickly and your users will be able to take action in time.

Provides High Performance
In online gaming, loading and response times are most crucial as delays bother online players. VPS, shared or cloud hosting fail to provide that speed and bandwidth needed to overcome these weaknesses. Dedicated server hosting offers ultimate speed needed for catering online gaming needs.

Improve Quality of Your Games
Web hosting companies provide managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. In unmanaged hosting package you get the root access and you are responsible for your server’s software and hosting company just look after the infrastructure. But when you get managed services for your gaming website, web hosting provider takes care of not only hardware but also the software. So you can more focus on developing and maintaining your games.

Guaranteed Uptime
When your gaming website is facing downtime, your users opt for some other website which has better uptime. Most of the web hosting companies promise 99.99% uptime for their dedicated servers as 100% is not possible in reality. This means your users will always find your site available and running.

Avail Unlimited Bandwidth
Dedicated servers are always provided with unlimited bandwidth. It is essential for handling unlimited traffic and gaming load. Dedicated servers also offer scalability so whenever you exceed your bandwidth, you can scale your resources.

These features are vital for a gaming website. HostBreak offers managed dedicated server hosting at an affordable cost so you can provide your users best gaming experience.

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