Why it is important to take backup of your WordPress site?

WordPress is world’s most popular CMS which is highly secure and updated at regular basis. This CMS is favourite choice for developers and bloggers as it comes with SEO tools. You can do variety of tasks with free plugins like manage Wordpress-Backupsyour content, customise your website and most importantly save a backup of your website. Other than these plugins you can get third party services for backup. If you do not backup your website and this service is not offered by your WordPress hosting provider then your files and data is not secure from threats. You need to perform this task to save yourself from unfortunate accidents. Following are major problems which can occur and make you regret:

1) Update problems

Your WordPress website updates quite frequently and with this there is always a risk: what if one of your plugin is not sync with the code update. You can face lots of consequences and total failure of your site is one of them. This can be resolved by identifying that particular plugin, either replacing or updating it and restoring your site to the most recent backup in WordPress. However, if you are not saving backup quite regularly than you are in serious trouble.

2) Attacks and Hacks

A constant threat of cyber attack or hack is looming over your hand. Nearly one third of these attacks target small businesses. If it does happen, a recent backup minimise downtime faced by your customers.

3) File Deletions

File deletions can occur by purpose or accidentally. If you haven’t experience this type of problem yet, there is no security you will not face it in future. You need to keep a recent backup of your WordPress site to save yourself from this.

Frequency of Backup

Now the question is what should be frequency of these backups on WordPress? If you are owning a thriving business you will need per day many backups or at least one backup daily. However, if you are keeping backups on weekly basis then it’s sufficient. Ultimately, you are putting your business at risk by not performing backup.

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