Why the Extra Mile matters in Customer Service

Organizations occasionally have a one dimensional way of customer service. Whenever customers ask for assistance, they’re responded. That’s the understood rule in almost every company. Also, talking rules, in corporates or bigger companies, there is so much “procedure” or guidelines to follow, that searching and following through them is a ordeal in itself. Because of all this, to provide customers something memorable becomes a chore for which there’s just not enough time or energy left.

Therefore it actually is rejuvenating to see businesses sometimes rise above mundane guidelines and regular rhetoric and actually deliver customers something they will treasure and remember forever.

Here is one example of the same.

Sainsbury’s UK

The May of last 2011, prominent retail chain Sainsbury’s UK gotten a letter from 3 1/2 year old Lily Robinson with an idea to rename their Tiger bread to Giraffe bread, a few illustrations thrown in with letter for good measure of the idea.

Sainsbury’s may have just ignored the letter, or sent it to the employees, had a good laugh, and then forgotten about it. But Christopher King, age 27 1/3, Customer Manager at Sainsbury’s, thought in a different way, & responded back to the letter, affixing a Sainsbury gift card for Lily as well.

There was simply no need for Chris to send that gift card or even send a reply. But he did! and by doing so he managed to keep Sainsbury’s stay prominent in the cloud.

The picture above has those letters themselves. Read them and smile is guaranteed.

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