Why to Choose Windows Reseller Hosting?

Millions of businesses are going online each year which is also a major reason behind growing web hosting business. But web hosting companies have large resources and a typical website does not require huge memory and bandwidth. Main consumers of their resources are resellers. In this type of hosting, reseller acquires large quantity of server resources and sells them in small chunks to his customers. You will find two types of reseller hosting: Linux or Windows Reseller hosting. Windows reseller offers you more features than Linux and here are few of them which make this OS a deal maker:windowsreseller-img-1

  • It offers PHP and MySQL based control management system with ASP.NET SQL
  • You can offer best Windows based applications to your customers
  • Your customers can use ASP scripts and other Microsoft apps to design perfect websites
  • Windows offers useful tools like Windows Mobile, Microsoft’s Active Directory and ActiveSync technology
  • Do better data management and analysis with Microsoft Access or SQL Server RDMS. The latter has proved itself to be the most reliable database management system for all types of enterprises.
  • Windows Reseller hosting gives you an access to .Net and Visual Basic web development tools
  • Your customers can host websites operating on UNIX based system
  • Microsoft is continuously updating and improving its web based applications
  • There are many third party web solutions which provide ultimate security, stability and speed

With Windows Reseller hosting, your customers have better scalability feature as their website’s traffic and needs grow. Windows OS is best for reseller hosting as it also offer better compatibility with Linux web applications. A major drawback of Linux OS is you cannot run Visual Basic applications and DotNet so your only option is to get Windows. Latest softwares like Microsoft Exchange 2007, Windows Server 2008 Web Edition, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server management tools and mail server technology are the main reasons behind rapid growth of Windows Reseller plans.

All new Windows based mobile applications, SharePoint Server and Services and many other apps for web development and design are getting popular day by day which is making Windows Reseller hosting best choice for starting your own web hosting company. Number of factors like easier management, scalability and latest technology is making this business more profitable.

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