Why Web Hosting Resellers Prefer WordPress?

WordPress is always the first choice of web hosting providers when it comes to build blogging platforms or Content Management System for a site. With the passage of time, the patronage for WordPress has been increased. Here we explain why WordPress is the prior choice of all website hosting providers and resellers.

Updates and Community Support

WordPress is updated on regular basis. Not only this but also this is kept bug free and secure as much as possible. In case any exploit detected, people can deal with the flaws easily. Being an open source, WordPress is easy to access by the community.

Auto Installer Support

Every auto-installer software supports WordPress and enables its quick maintenace and management. With an auto-installer software your wordpress is updated automatically whenever the new version is released. You can also change themes and choose variety of plug-ins whenever new version is released. This makes it easy for the web hosting provider to monitor outdated installations.

Useful Documentation and Helpful Tutorials

WordPress is known for the finest user documentation and helpful tutorials. A web host is helpful for the people to troubleshoot the problems in a better way. Not only this but also wordpress has plenty of tutorials for newcomers. Various websites are offering Video and Audio Tutorials free of cost, while some charge money to provide high quality guidance.

Turn Around Time

One of the core reasons why web hosting companies love wordpress is its turnaround time to set up the website. The auto-installers have greatly improved the speed of setup and have provided regular updates.

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