Why Website Speed is Important for Increasing Revenues

website speed

There are times when a site loads very slowly. It begins taking more than enough time to respond, thus this disturbs the sales and revenues of the website to much extent. These days the key to increased sales and conversion is effective content on the sites that load with faster speed. This way we can say that the speed of a website is the time taken from a page to become visible on the screen once its request has been sent through a browser.

The recent surveys reveal that the websites that load with increased speed have great impacts on the traffic trends. As compared to this, the sites which load with low speed are likely to not able to make enough revenues. So if you want to increase revenue then never ever compromise on web hosting service as it plays an important role in site speed. A poor shared hosting service will result in poor site load time and also impact on bounce rate.

This is commonly observed that the slower sites have higher bounce rates with poor sales. Studies prove that the average visitors intend to leave your website if this does not become visible in just three to six seconds. By all means we can say that the speed of a site with quality web hosting service is important for increasing revenues. If your site has slow loading speed, then you would get frustrated because the sales are likely to be impacted in negative way.

It is no more a secret that search engines always record the web page speed for finding out which web pages should be displayed on first page. You can check and compare the speed of your site with Google webmaster tools.

In accordance to the latest calculated formula it is possible for everyone to improve 2% of conversion rate by simply increasing the speed of loading of a site. Shopzilla, Amazon, Yahoo and Mozilla make huge money just because those websites are able to load in less than three seconds.

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