Will Dedicated Server Hosting Benefit You?

dedicated server hosting

Maintaining an online presence through a website is critical for businesses because they can use this as online marketing tool and ecommerce store. And when there is a need of a website, then you also need to consider web hosting as well. There are number of web hosting types to choose from like shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS and dedicated server hosting. For large and medium sized enterprises, the most suitable choice is dedicated hosting.

What Is a Dedicated Server Hosting?

In dedicated hosting a single user will use the entire resources of a physical server. This is up to that customer whether he use it to host single website or multiple websites. All of his websites will utilize the processor resources and hard disk space of that server. This is the best web hosting type as you don’t have to share resources with other accounts and these are assigned only to your business website. Your website is safe from resource encroachment by other neighboring websites who may be experiencing heavy traffic. It will perform at optimal level and never face downtime. In case of shared hosting, there are up to 300 websites which are sharing resources from a single server. This makes dedicated server hosting the most secure and reliable form of web hosting.

When It Is Best To Choose Dedicated Hosting?

Following are the reasons when you should consider dedicated hosting:

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  • When your online presence is important for gaining revenues
  • Downtime can lead to loss of revenue and profit
  • When your website experience heavy traffic at seasonal times
  • You want priority web hosting technical support
  • When you require premium hosting features like regular backups, software, redundancy or higher server specs


Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

There are number of benefits of this type of hosting:

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  • Your website is safe from being slow or crashed due to resource consumption by any other website
  • Enhanced server response time
  • Dedicated technical support
  • Boost in server reliability and uptime
  • Personalized server security
  • Customized server configuration
  • Option to upgrade anytime


Disadvantages of Dedicated Server

The online business community prefers to get dedicated server hosting because there are no associated disadvantages with this type of web hosting. However, one important consideration for any business will be operational cost. When a web hosting company purchases a dedicated server, it spends thousands of dollars on purchasing and deploying the hardware but for the customers, it is spread over a number of years. You can lower annual server cost by making a long-term agreement.

Final Verdict

As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. This also holds good for dedicated hosting. Admit it, server downtime is bound to happen due to many reasons like server maintenance or due to factors beyond anyone’s control. Worldwide there is a trend of running promotions and sales during seasonal times and downtime during these not only frustrate you but also cost you a fortune. If a downtime of just 30 minutes can lead to a revenue loss of thousands dollars then you should invest in web hosting. It is undeniable fact that the biggest drawback of shared hosting is downtime although it is cheaper. Dedicated server hosting saves you from downtime, frustration and ultimately loss of revenues.