Get Authorized Windows Reseller Hosting in Pakistan

Get Authorized Windows Reseller Hosting in Pakistan wpsuperamdin 11:46 pm

Are you a new business starter and looking forward to take your business a head? Are you still not sure where to invest your money in order to get your hands on the perfect business hosting? If that is the case, you have surely landed up at the right place. These days when the use of internet for the promotion of your business has become a necessity, the business owner really need to upload a website which presents all of its deals, promotions and products. If you own a business anyway, you would by now, know how important it is to have a fully functional website in order to run your business successfully. This means you will require the services of web hosting companies who can ensure to provide you with the best hosting packages to let you manage your business website with an ease. After the emergence of this service across the globe, windows Reseller hosting in Pakistan have been recently started to provide their services to promote the business of third parties.

Using the services of window reseller hosting in Pakistan, a business client can now enjoy maximum profits in return of a very little investment. To make it simpler, the host provides the reseller with a huge discount in terms of hard disk space and bandwidth so that reseller can be a host for the third parties websites. This will in turn make you profitable by creating the packages according to the needs of reseller usage.

For a company to start of this venture, it should first know its targeted audience. Knowing the details and the needs of the clients will give you an edge over other window reseller hosting in Pakistan.

There are a lot of reputable companies in relation to window reseller hosting in Pakistan. These companies are known to bring great services and profits to their clients. However, choosing a right solution for your enterprise still a challenge for many business owners who are still looki g for a compete solution that may cater all their needs.

What is a Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is basically a type of web hosting in which the account holder or the owner allows the usage of certain hard disk space and the bandwidth so that the websites can be hosted for the third parties. In this case, the reseller buys the services of the host as a wholesale and then sells those services to the clients or the customers as a retail. In between the wholesale and retail, the reseller earns his share of profit. There are two options for a reseller; either rent out a server from the host or he can consider reselling the services of shared hosting. In the second scenario, the reseller is not allowed to rent a server and is asked to sell the space on hard disk and the bandwidth to the customer of the host. This way a server is not allocated to the reseller by the host company.

The profit margin between the wholesale and retail is enough for a reseller to start his own web hosting company. The reseller also has the freedom to manage his own structure for pricing and service plans as per his choice and liking. The services of a reseller becomes quite useful when you want to explore new ventures within your existing business. An example of this case is that a host has created a new business related website but now wants to sell that site with the web hosting services. Some hosts also allow the reseller the chance to create their own customized brandings. In one way we can say that the reseller has enough authority for him to be said to be running his own business.

As far as the operations of the reseller are concerned, it is not necessary for a person to have an in-depth knowledge of the web hosting for him to become a reseller. A reseller is the sole responsible person as to how he interacts with the customers. Besides customer interaction any other issues related to the hardware or in some cases software is solved by the host, from which the reseller bought the hard disk space and bandwidth. Now if a reseller wants to earn profit then he has to promote and advertise to grab a hold of more clients or customers. Reselling is considered to be a business which has very low profit margin. So the reseller has to create a connection with the customers by advertisements to get a few extra bucks. A reseller can also work for multiple hosts since there are numerous websites and every website now needs a host.

Advantages of using Reseller Hosting for your business

The market of online business is on a rise so is the need for the window reseller hosting in Pakistan. Working as a windows reseller host has many advantages, a few of which are mentioned below:

ResellerChoice Window Hosting – this is an all in one hosting solution. Now all the clients that are involved in various control panels can now be monitored under a single account. It not only seems easier but it is time efficient as well. Also you can run an ASP.Net SQL based website alongside a SQL based site. Unlike windows reseller hosting service these feature are not applicable on Linux.

Using ASP.Net alongside ASP – these tools are used for web development. Using the window reseller hosting in Pakistan a person can now run multiple management systems alongside the ASP and ASP.Net platforms. This is not the case while working on UNIX.

User friendly tools – only Window reseller host has the combination of most powerful and at the same time user friendly tools. This claim is not possible for the Linux and UNIX.

Easy and usable features – since every reseller will not have a sound technical knowledge of the servers. Windows offers quite easy features that will not make the reseller feel alienated while carrying out the hosting plans.

What Makes Window Reseller Hosting Different

There are certain alternatives to the window reseller hosting services such as VestaCP. VestaCP may claim to have created a unique and user friendly control panel yet it is not quite a match for the control panels of the window reseller hosting service. Window service provides an umbrella underneath which all the clients can be easily dealt with, while using a single account. VestaCP may claim to be more affordable than the window server yet it is only possible to design sites which can be database driven by using the features of Microsoft SQL on the windows reseller hosting server.

Why to Choose HostBreak to get your windows reseller hosting

As we talk about the service providers, it is hard not to present that hostbreak are the top and a few of the reliable vendors for window reseller hosting in Pakistan. has been known for facilitating its customers since a long time. They not only provide sufficient services such as website hosting, dedicated servers and business solutions but also top consultants for making your website a top-notch site. Hostbreak web technologies are giving services and packages in a way that they are transforming the web hosting in Pakistan. They simply focus upon the needs of your business and then offer you the best web hosting package that is available in the market in terms of packages and services. They are known to be the best service providers when we talk about the virtual private servers and the shared servers. Besides their hosting services, they believe in providing full assistance in the form of the business solutions. Their simple yet effective web hosting plans are available both for the Linux and the Windows systems along with features such as wordpress blog, social media and much more.

They are also one of the few web hosting service providers that offer help in creating your very own website from the very beginning. What sets hostbreak apart from its competitors is that their prime focus is not to serve your websites and servers instead after knowing the needs of the customers satisfying them in a way that they look for none other web hosting service provider other than the hostbreak. The strong muscle their opponents in state of the art hardware, scalability and 99.9% uptime. They also allow the customers to create their own package according to the customers’ needs and not a lot of service providers facilitate their customers by offering customized packages. These are the properties that make them the best web hosting service providers.

One can clearly get a good indication about how well satisfied their customers are by considering these figures: Data transferred is 7654 GB, Files hosted are 12985, and Number of pages served are 9055672 and last but not the least are the total number of happy clients which is an astounding figure of 3685. There are not many companies who can claim their numbers to be even a bit close to what hostbreak has amassed during its time of service provision.