Different Types of Domain Hosting

Different Types of Domain Hosting Nayeem 3:29 pm

Domain Hosting – Different Types of Domain Hosting

When it comes setting up a website, domain and hosting have a long way to go, and they do a lot. There are different types of domain hosting you can opt-in for to benefit from the services. Below are some of the basic types you can pick from:

  1. a) Shared or Virtual

This is a type of domain hosting service that is very common among those that build websites. This is where your domain name would be registered on to a specific server. This server is then shared among other domains regarding various resources such as Bandwidth, Operating System, RAM, CPU time by other Clients of your ISP or HSP. Some of the benefits of this service are that it provides an opportunity to enjoy cheap VPS and domain name registration. This is because your ISP or HSP tend to host several clients on to a single server. This, therefore, minimise the saving amount and the maintenance cost that is passed onto you.

This service is suited for both small and medium websites with average traffic. When using a cheap VPS, it is important to check the terms and conditions of the service of the VPS hosting alongside with your HSP or ISP. With this, you will be able to understand the definition of the term ‘average traffic’.

  1. b) Virtual Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server

This type of service comes somewhere in between the dedicated web hosting service and the shared web hosting service. The feature of the VPS is similar to the virtual or shared domain hosting service. These features are, however, are stipulated in a manner that all these resources are for you and you only have the authority to make use of them. The allocation of these resources is determined by the agreement signed with your HSP or ISP. All these are available 24 x 7 for you to be used. You have a lot of benefits with the use of this service, and it is cost-effective. The server activities are more stable, and the VPS hosting service is more secure and consistent.

  1. c) Free Web hosting

The service on this type of web hosting is free. Nothing is charged. This free web hosting service is suitable for a small website with low traffic. The only advantage of this hosting is free of cost.

  1. d) Server Collocation

This type of hosting provides you with comfortable and efficient infrastructure. This will make it possible to build up your custom server at the HSP or ISP your choice. The HSP or ISP will add your server to their database and network in turn. The benefit of this server is that it provides you with flexibility and control regarding a better operation.


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