Domain Registration & Web Hosting in Pakistan

Domain Registration & Web Hosting in Pakistan Nayeem 12:18 pm

Domain Registration & Web Hosting in Pakistan

When people decide to use a web hosting company, domain registration & web hosting is one of the terms used to describe what people are looking for when they add a domain name. One misconception that people have about web hosting company in Pakistan is that you need a domain hosting company that also supports domain names. For a paid hosting, the web hosting provider must be able to have the function to add on domains.

When you buy a domain name in Pakistan, you buy it fully and register it with a domain hosting name registrar company. This is usually purchased for one year, but you can go for an option to buy it for up to ten years if needed. When you do this, you have the option to make yourself go invisible (that is going private) on the domain name. This means that if your domain name is searched by someone on the internet to see who owned it, your identity would be hidden.

Once you have gotten your domain name, you have two options to choose from – you can either turn your domain name using web hosting or park your domain name. You set the domain name servers from your domain name company. Parking your domain name is very important and is a good idea especially if your domain name gets a lot of traffic directly. This is possible if you have the exact keyword before the dot-com and with a lot of searches per month. If a user searches you through Google, then it will be redirected straight to your parked page. You can alternatively set the domain name servers to a web hosting company. You can turn your domain name in to a website in the long run easily because different options will be available for you to develop your website. For a parked domain name, all that you get is a static page that is just full of ads, and it will not look user-friendly.

When you make use of a web hosting service, you have a lot of different templates to choose from when designing your website. This could be in the form of Joomla or the WordPress platform, design your template with html. You have the option to design your site the way you want, and you are not restricted to how it will look. It is much better for your website in the long run regarding search engine optimization. With multiple pages, the ranking is made easier and not just one static page like a parked page.

This is made possible because of different features you have within your web hosting account. They also offer multiple domain names and multiple email addresses for each of the domain names that you have. They also have an interface where you can design and control your website.

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