Five Alternatives to Word Press for Blogs and Business Sites

Five Alternatives to Word Press for Blogs and Business Sites Jatin 5:05 pm

We love word press like everyone does and it’s popular too but there are good alternatives too. Choosing the right one is an option depending upon your needs. Each one of these has its own pros and cons. Here are the five alternatives to word press.

1. Craft CMS

Craft is a little CMS that was made by expression engine recently. Users of WordPress are given many facilities by going out of the box sometimes. On the other side, craft starts with minimum defaults. It provides you section fields which help you develop your content to get the custom dashboard you like.

Unlike many other management systems, this one is not free. You will have to pay if you want to use it. But the thing which makes it worth it is that it is very well designed. Keeping in mind the customer needs it is made for the best use of customer as well as developers themselves.

Time is saved in development and support. Another good thing is that a content interface is developed by its field in an almost similar way as word press does but it’s without the installation of and downloading of another piece.

2. Google Sites

An easy way and simple way is to use Google sites to make a website or blog instead of using word press and Google sites are easy to use. Anyone can make use of it due to the ease it provides and besides this Google sites provides you free hosting and a custom domain for your website or blog.

Both word press, as well as Google sites, have the same mission that is to provide you services to develop your website or blog so having some overlapping capabilities is an obvious thing.

Google sites is a very good option for those organizations who want to develop a simple website in short time because it is easy to maintain and update. Google sites will allow you to use your own URL rather than theirs and its use has improved drastically.

3. Joomla

The main difference between Joomla and word press is that Joomla is a community or portal based while on the other side word press is blog type.

Both have very large number of users and their functions overlap each other in one way or another. In web sections of many hosting provider companies, these both are provided free in their web tools section. If you are thinking of making a network of a community then Joomla is a better choice because it is developed to be that way. A lot of power is given by Joomla into your hands so if you want to get into Joomla fast then you should arrange a good book on Joomla.

Joomla also brings you updates on a regular basis so that you may keep up with the rest of the world. It has a deep level navigation but on the other side in word press, it is cumbersome to change the order of categories or pages.

Joomla is not as popular as word press but what makes it different is that it’s a preferred solution for corporate sites and intranets. It is because of that almost 3% of top million sites has been using Joomla.


Ghost is a modern and a new alternative to word press. It is simple to use and puts your excitement back to a top level while doing blogging. You can modify your theme according to your choice and will. The biggest strength of this platform is that two ghost publications never look the same.

If you are making a brand new blog or a website or you are running the world’s leading publications online then the ghost is the best option available for you. It is a blogging application which is open source. The writing and publishing interfaces are one of the most beautiful ever made with a preview of formatted page side by side.

The main focus of ghost is to develop an excellent blogging platform while word press has pretentions to develop a full flag content management solution. An excellent option for writers and bloggers is to use ghost instead of any other option if they don’t want to keep fiddling with their website and want to give more time to writing and creating new content.

Ghost has SEO and social built in. Because it is powered by a modern technology stack using Node.js, it is fast. Few tests have shown that ghost is 1900% faster than word press

5. Blogger

It is free of cost service provided by Google. It includes all the necessary features you require to develop a blog like templates, ease of use, built-in social capabilities etc. it is a finely tuned service which allows you to perform a variety of tasks on your blog or website.

Blogger provides you with a set of templates to use and you can modify them and customize them according to your wish. If you are a user of blogger then you do not need to worry about managing the server’s resource management or creating backups or other security measures. There is an added advantage of Google’s robust secure platform.

Since now Google has owned blogger so many built-in features of Google are now being introduced in blogger too like ad words, analytics and AdSense. If you are a new blogger then you should go for a free blogging platform and those which are easy to use have some set of instructions. So blogger is the best option for you. It not only provides the best platform but also gives you a number of free templates and a friendly interface with widgets.

While on the other side word press needs you to be a bit more technical to have a good time with them. They have some more complex features which newbies don’t understand easily.

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