Secure Your Inbox From Spam & Malicious Mail

Secure Your Inbox From Spam & Malicious Mail wpsuperamdin 11:52 am

Spam Experts is an existing Email Security Software solution protects against advanced forms of spam, including image-based and foreign-language spam using pattern-based detection. Pattern-based anti-spam utilizes a proprietary algorithm to create unique securely scanning for incoming email via an intelligent central cluster before it reaches your inbox. When a message comes in, its pattern is calculated and checked against a database to determine if the message matches a known email pattern. This approach provides content agnostic protection and efficiently blocks spam without looking at any of the actual news content. This makes the Anti-Spam expects & Email Security Software solution highly effective against advanced forms of spam that utilize multiple languages and our cluster is responsible for scanning millions of e-mails a day and delivers a spam detection accuracy rated up to 99.98%. Spam Experts is available as an add-on on all new and existing hosting plans.

Secure Your Inbox From Spam & Malicious Mail.

Spam Experts is a powerful security tool that provides email antivirus protection against a wide range of viruses which also scans all incoming email in an advanced, more so self-learning algorithm also eliminates spam e-mail before it can reach your inbox.  Such emails it detected as spam and is placed into secure e-mail quarantine which you can view at any time and which emails with our central cluster which scans your incoming e-mail.

Detects New Spam & Malware Threats Daily.

Spam Experts  an extensive range coverage in security software, now a day’s threats are the virus all over the internal mail platform, it also protects against a wide variety of viruses and malware includes scans of message content and attachments, meanwhile Spam Experts takes proactive action to guide  your inbox message and check for spam-free safely. With ongoing research and continuous analysis, Spam Experts can accurately detect new patterns and implement definitions to those real-time threats, beyond blocking many attacks at a sender level; the Anti Spam, Expert Security tool, includes a highly-rated anti-virus engine that scans POP3 and SMTP mail protocols. This layer of protection blocks a broad range of known virus and malware attacks and is at the core of the antivirus defense.

E-mail Continuity: No More Bounced Email.

More features are added to the layer of its component, Spam Experts will hold mail even offline and store or queue e-mails as it has scanned, if your mail server happens to be unreachable or undiscoverable, even if your server is down, your e-mail doesn’t have to hang either queue and wait for delivering process order. Any emails you receive during these periods of downtime will be queued and re-sent to your mail server as soon as it is reachable again. None will remain bounce as there will be an email continuity process.

Scan Ongoing Email for Spam.

With our ongoing optional full range filtering programs, Spam Experts scans all outgoing emails, protecting your company’s network. For hosting providers, this can lead to a substantial reduction in time spent dealing with IP blacklisting and spam outbreaks caused by compromised or misconfigured scripts.

Avoid IP Blacklisting.

Spam Experts block or allow lists to deny doesn’t have to hang either email offenders and allow trusted senders to spend less submitting tedious delisting requests and more time on the more important things. Meanwhile, Administrators can easily create a list of IP addresses or domains that they would like to either always block or always allow. This method provides an added layer of granularity and ensures that trusted sources are explicitly allowed, and unwanted sources are categorically denied access.

Easy Abuse Management.

Spam Experts critically have clear and succinct reports, about which accounts need your immediate attention, with their experts experience they keep all the records of each user that attempts to send spam, malware threats or malicious emails. And they can automatically lock accounts that repeatedly attempt to do so.

Did you know Spam Experts is included free with Business and Corporate hosting plan? Check now.

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